Of the many ways to remember those who died in the First World War, the roll of honour became a common one, especially for large companies who had lost a number of employees in the fighting. Occasionally however, the parents or next-of-kin of the deceased soldier would have to pay to see their name on such memorials, and if they did not have the money, then their name would not appear.

There is a roll of honour in the corridors of Leeds City Council , detailing the names of the men from the Council, which department they worked in, what date they died and what battalion they were a part of. This post will highlight those men on the roll who were part of the 15th Battalion – should you wish to see who else is on the list, I suggest going to see the memorial. As well as being a remembrance, it is also a work of art. There are some men whom we know more about than others, so we have provided more information – sadly it was not possible to do the same for each man. If you do know anything about any of the men listed below, please contact us and let us know!

Image courtesy of John Sigsworth

City Engineers
Corporal Harold Cogill, 15/215: Platoon bomber. Died: July 1916
Private W.C. Shaw, 15/806. Died: July 1916
2nd Lieutenant Leonard Foster: Platoon Commander. Died: August 1916.
Leonard was born in June of 1880 at Long Preston and was educated at Ilkley Grammar School. He was qualified as a surveyor before he enlisted in August of 1914. He was commissioned in July 1915 and served in both Egypt and Flanders. He died at the Empire Hospital in Westminster from wounds he had received on the first day of the Somme. His colonel wrote: “I knew him intimately, he was my adjutant and I never met a man I could not trust more. Duty was his watchword and high principle guided all his actions. I lost in him one of the best officers any commanding officer could wish to have, and a dear friend and comrade.”

City Treasurers
Lance Corporal G.W. Atkinson, 15/059. Died: July 1916
Lance Corporal W.H. Briggs, 15/0139: Machine Gunner. Died:  1917.
He volunteered in 1915 and arrived on the Western Front in March of 1916. He saw action at the Somme and Ypres. Briggs was reported missing but eventually killed in 1917.
Lance Corporal Herbert Burnley, 15/0160: Battalion Bomber.
Born in Huddersfield and enlisted in 1915.
Private C. Johnson, 15/524: Stretcher-Bearer. Died: July 1916
Lance Corporal Herbert Harry Jagger Mason, 15/621. Died July 1916
Private F. Rayner, 15/746
Private C.H. Thompson, 15/886. Died: March 1917
Sergeant J.F. Cookson. Died: February 1919

Town Clerks Dept.
2nd Lieutenant George Wentworth, 15/278. Died: April 1917
Promoted to Lance Corporal and then to Sergeant. Worked as a Company Range Taker in the Machine gun Section.

Waterworks Dept.
Captain S.T.A. Neil. A Company, 2nd in command

Researcher: John Sigsworth
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All opinions and inferences are the researchers own.