Private 51315, 15th Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment, The Leeds Pals

Only a medal card appears to have survived of Private Johnson’s army records, and this shows him as having been initially in the Pals, before transfer to the Training Reserve Battalion with the number 5/42628, and then again to the Durham Light Infantry with the number 103555.

The first problem is that there is also a listing for a John Johnson, 51314, who may or may not have been in the Pals, and three who definitely were, with the numbers 60237, discharged 15th November 1919, 60436, presumed dead 31st July 1918, and 77336, who was discharged on 31st March 1920 and re-enlisted in the DLI.  And those are just the ones I have found so far.

A further problem occurs with the DLI number, in that 103555 is also allocated to Fred William Johnson.

With such a common name, and without further information, it has not been possible to locate any of these Johns on any census.  The only other information comes from the War Diary, which gives him as a member of A Company, No.4 Platoon, No.2 Section, and the medal card, which shows the award of the British War Medal and the Victory Medal, as it does for 51314.

Researcher: Peter Taylor

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