Unknown Pals

In the course of our researches we have come across some Pals photos that were unnamed.  If you recognise any of these faces please let us know.  Similarly if you have any anonymous photos and are willing to pass them on to us we would be pleased to receive them.

This photo, taken in Egypt, was just entitled ‘Pte Firth’ and there are at least 4 possibilities.


Unknown a.                                                                         Unknown b.

unknown-pal-on-training-course-b                                   unknown-pal-on-training-course

hepper-rt-with-dewitt-thurgood-white-unknown-order    This shows Raymond Hepper (right), with DeWitt, Thurgood and White in unknown order

Unknown c.                                                          Unknown d.

Unknown e.                                                                                  Unknown f.

Unknown Pal 6

Unknown Pal 5

Unkown g.                                                                          Unknown h.Unknown Pal 7Unknown Pal 8